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  1. Ackerman F. "content, character and nondescriptive meaning"
  2. Agazzi E. "commensurability, incommensurability and cumulativity in scientific knowledge"
  3. Agazzi E. "why is it logical to admit several logics?"
  4. Agazzi E. "logic, truth and ontology"
  5. Akman V. "Strawson on intended meaning and context"
  6. Alai M. "Putnam: scetticismo, realismo e teoria del tiferimento"
  7. Allott R. "language and the origin of semiosis"
  8. Almong J. "would you believe that?"
  9. Ambrose A. "finitism and the limits of empiricism"
  10. Artosi A. "corroborazione rilevanza sostegno teorico"
  11. Artosi A. "la regimentazione leibniziana del linguaggio analisi e grammatica razionale"
  12. Artosi A. "possibilità e obbligazione"
  13. Artosi A. "significato giochi e traduzione"
  14. Artosi A. "utilità epistemiche e obiettivi della ricerca scientifica"
  15. Barwise J & Perry J. "shifting situations and shaken attitudes"
  16. Barwise J & Perry J. "situations and attitudes"
  17. Barwise, J. "the situation in logic — 2"
  18. Barwise, J. "the situation in logic — 3"
  19. Barwise, J. "the situation in logic —1"
  20. Bazzanella, C. "le interruzioni completive e supportive"
  21. Beaney "the crystallization of sense"
  22. Bell D. "the formation of concepts and the structure of thought"
  23. Bell D. "thoughts"
  24. Bell, D. "how russellian was Frege"
  25. Bellinelli E. "Bradley su reale e immaginario"
  26. Belnap N. "tonk plonk and plink"
  27. Bencivenga, E. "free from what?"
  28. Benerecetti & Bouquet & Ghidini, "contextual reasoning distilled"
  29. Benveniste, E. "Categorie di pensiero e categorie di linguaggio"
  30. Betti A. "il rasoio di Lesniewski"
  31. Bilgrami, A. "meaning, holism and use"
  32. Block I. "the unity of Wittgenstein philosophy"
  33. Block, N. "an argument for holism"
  34. Block, N. "anti-reductionism strikes back"
  35. Block, N. "mental pictures and cognitive science"
  36. Boghossian P. "analyticity reconsidered"
  37. Bonotto C "a non compactness phenomenon in logics with hyperintensional predication"
  38. Boolos G. "reading the begriffsschrift"
  39. Boolos G. "the standard of equality of numbers"
  40. Boolos G. "to be is to be a value of a variable"
  41. Bottiroli G. "verità reali e possibilità necessarie"
  42. Bouquet & Benerecetti & Ghidini "formalizing opacity and transparency in belief contexts"
  43. Bouquet P. & Giunchiglia F. "reasoning about theory adequacy. A new solution to the quantification problem"
  44. Bouquet, P. "a mechanical multi-context solution to McCarthy’s GLM problem"
  45. Brachman & Fikes "Kripton: a functional approach to knowledge representation"
  46. Brachman & Levesque "a fundamental tradeoff in knowledge representation and reasoning"
  47. Brachman & Levesque "the tractability of subsumption in frame-based description language"
  48. Brachman R "an overview of the KL-ONE knowledge representation system"
  49. Brachman R. & Israel D. "distinctions and confusions: a catalogue raisonné"
  50. Brachman R. "on the epistemological status of semantic networks"
  51. Brachman R. "what’s in a concept: structural foundations for semantic networks"
  52. Brandom R. "Frege’s technical concepts: some recent developments"
  53. Brandom R. "objectivity and the normative structure of rationality"
  54. Brandom, R. "semantic inferentialism and logical expressivism"
  55. Braun D. "demonstratives and their linguistic meanings"
  56. Braun D. "empty names"
  57. Braun D. "What is character?"
  58. Broyles J. "an observation on Wittgenstein’s use of fantasy"
  59. Burge T. "belief and synonymy"
  60. Burge T. "belief de re"
  61. Burge T. "demonstrative constructions, reference, and truth
  62. Burge T. "Frege on sense and linguistic meaning"
  63. Burge T. "individualism and the mental"
  64. Burge T. "refernce and proper names"
  65. Burge T. "sinning against Frege"
  66. Burge, T. "philosophy of language and mind: 1950-1990"
  67. Burgess J. "Hintikka et Sandu versus Frege in re arbitrary functions"
  68. Buroker J. V. " the port-royal semantics of terms"
  69. Byrne & McEleney "esperimenti mentali e ipotesi universalistiche"
  70. Byrne R. & McEleney A. "a model of the agency effect"
  71. Cappio J. "Wittgenstein on proper names"
  72. Caprettini "il nuovo elenco di categorie di Charles Peirce"
  73. Carnap R. "significato e sinonimia nelle lingue naturali"
  74. Carpintero, M. "fregean versus kripkean reference"
  75. Casadio C. "pronomi pertitivi: il contrasto weak/strong"
  76. Casalegno P . "Approcci alla quantificazione"
  77. Casalegno P. "Dynamic quantifiers"
  78. Casalegno P. "il giovane Russell e il problema dello spazio"
  79. Casalegno P. "On the T-degrees of partial functions"
  80. Casalegno P. "Osservazioni sulla filosofia della matematica di Imre Lakatos"
  81. Casalegno P. "su un impiego dell’uso"
  82. Casalegno P. "Sulla logica dei plurali"
  83. Casalegno P. "un’osservazione sul problema della coerenza del sistema new foundations di Quine"
  84. Castellani F. "considerazioni sulla semantica intensionale"
  85. Cherniak C. "the universal acceptance of logic"
  86. Chihara C. "a godellian thesis regarding mathematical objects: do they exist and can we perceive them?"
  87. Chihara C. "priest the liar and Godel"
  88. Chomsky N. "conditions on transformations"
  89. Chomsky N. "language and nature"
  90. Chomsky N. "linguaggio e natura"
  91. Chomsky N. "interview on minipalism"
  92. Church A. "introduction to mathematical logic"
  93. Church A. "ontological commitment"
  94. Church A. "the calculus of lambda-conversion "
  95. Cocchiarella N. "Richard Montague and the logical analysis of language"
  96. Cohen B. & Murphy G. "models of concepts"
  97. Coleman F. "a critical examination of Wittgenstein’s aesthetics"
  98. Cooper, R. "aspectual classes in situation semantics"
  99. Coseriu E. "les structures lexematiques"
  100. Cresswell, M. "semantic competence"
  101. Csalegno P. "sui gradi delle funzioni parziali"
  102. Currie G. "Frege, sense and mathematical knowledge"
  103. Currie G. "remarks on Frege’s conception of inference"
  104. Currie G. "the analysis of thoughts"
  105. Dahal V. & Fraser S. "logic programming as a representation of knowledge"
  106. Dalla Pozza C. & Carola C. "a pragmatic interpretation of intuitionostic propositional logic"
  107. Dalla Pozza C. "parlare di niente"
  108. Dalla Pozza, C. "una logica pragmatica per la concezione espressiva delle norme"
  109. Damiani A. "classicism implementation connectionism and mental causation"
  110. Damiani A. "ethical naturalism and moral language"
  111. Damiani A. "human procreation and God’s wisdom: a reply to Fouke"
  112. Damiani A. "is there aristotelian exit from the sceptical cage?"
  113. Damiani A. "McDowell e la seconda natura del naturalismo"
  114. Damiani A. "on the purported insignificance of individual planning and post-natal development"
  115. Damiani A. "Salmon on singular propositions and that-clauses"
  116. Damiani A. "the anomaly of being a mental cause: nomological subsumption or counterfactual dependence?"
  117. Danieli M. "on the use of expectations for detecting and repairing human-machine miscommunication"
  118. Davidson D. "realtà senza riferimento"
  119. Davidson D. "the folly of trying to define the truth"
  120. Davidson, D. "thinking causes"
  121. Delgrande J. "a first-order conditional logic for prototypical properties"
  122. Dennett D "more about thoughts"
  123. Desclés J. "intelligenza artificiale e linguaggio naturale"
  124. Di Francesco M. "recenti sviluppi del dibattito sulla nominazione"
  125. Di Francesco M. "recenti sviluppi del dibattito sulla nominazione"
  126. Diamond C. "le paradis de Cantor et le purgatoire de Wittgenstein"
  127. Diamond, C. "throwing away the ladder"
  128. Dummett M. "Frege and Wittgenstein"
  129. Dummett M. "reckonings: Wittgenstein on mathematics"
  130. Dummett M. "the two faces of the concept of truth"
  131. Dummett, M. "the justification of deduction"
  132. Dummett, M. "Relative truth"
  133. EE atti linguistici
  134. EE automa
  135. EE enunciazione
  136. EE equivalenza
  137. EE esistenza
  138. EE lessico
  139. EE lingua
  140. EE lingua/parola
  141. EE linguaggio
  142. EE metafisica
  143. EE metafora
  144. EE presupposizione e allusione
  145. EE semplice/complesso
  146. EE senso/significato
  147. EE simulazione
  148. Evans G. "comprendere i dimostrativi"
  149. Evans G. "the causal theory of names"
  150. Evans G. "understanding demonstratives"
  151. Fauconneir G. "conceptual integration network"
  152. Fillmore C. "subjects speakers and roles"
  153. Fodor J. D. "situations and representations"
  154. Friedman M. "exorcising the philosophical tradition: comments on J McDowell’s Mind and World"
  155. Frixione M. "diagrammatic reasoning about actions using artificial potential fields"
  156. Frixione M. "problewmi metodologici di rappresentazione della conoscenza in un dominio di tipo storico"
  157. Frixione M. "proper names and individual concepts in si-nets"
  158. Frixione M. "rappresentazioni linguistiche, immagini mentali e conoscenza spaziale"
  159. Frixione M. "sistemi di rappresentazione strutturata della conoscenza per la visione"
  160. Frixione M. "visual knowledge representation: the case of dynamic scenes"
  161. Gallaire H. "logic and databases: a deductive approach"
  162. Garavaso P. "Frege and the analysis of thought"
  163. Gardenfors P. "concept representations and nonmonotonic inference"
  164. Gardenfors P. "conceptual spaces"
  165. Gardenfors P. "inferenze nonmonotone nelle reti neurali"
  166. Gardenfors P. "meanings as conceptual structures"
  167. Gardenfors P. "symbolic conceptual and subconceptual representations"
  168. Garola C. "realismo semantico e paradossi in meccanica quantistica"
  169. Gelbukh A. Sidorov G. "contextual interpretation of definiteness"
  170. Gentzen G. "investigations into logical deduction"
  171. Gettier E. "is justified belief knowledge?"
  172. Ghiron V. "il rapporto tra percezione e immaginazione nel primo Husserl"
  173. Giunchiglia F. "an epistemological science of common sense"
  174. Giunchiglia, F. "context-based local reasoning in temporal projection"
  175. Giunchiglia, F. "dealing with expected and unexpected obstacles"
  176. Giunchiglia, F. "logica, scienze cognitive e intelligenza artificiale — alcune osservazioni"
  177. Goldfarb W. "Kripke on Wittgenstein rules"
  178. Goldfarb W. "logic in the twenties: the nature of the quantifier"
  179. Goldfarb, W. "I want you to bring me a slab: remarks on the opening sections of the philosophical investigations"
  180. Gozzano S. "semantic holism and reflexive equilibrium"
  181. Grimaltos & Moya, "belief, content and cause"
  182. Grosz B. "attenion intention and the structure of discourse"
  183. Grosz B. "natural language processing"
  184. Hacker P.M.S. "semantic holism: Frege and Wittgenstein"
  185. Hacking, I. "what is logic?"
  186. Haddock G. "El Frege kantiano"
  187. Haddock G. "Husserl Y Frege: acerca de un mito historiografico"
  188. Haddock G. "identity statements in the semantics of sense and reference"
  189. Haddock G. "interderivability of seemingly unrelated mathematical statements and the philosophy of mathematics"
  190. Haddock G. "on antiplatonism and its dogmas"
  191. Haddock G. "on Frege’s two notions of sense"
  192. Haddock G. "on Husserl’s distinction between state of affairs and situation of affair"
  193. Haddock G. "remarks on sense and reference in Frege and Husserl"
  194. Halpern J. "should knowledge entail belief"
  195. Hayes P. "some problems and non-problems in representation theory"
  196. Hayes P. "the frame problem and related problems in artificial intelligence"
  197. Hayes P. "the logic of frames"
  198. Hayes P. "the second naive physics manifesto"
  199. Henrich D. "soggettività come principio"
  200. Hilbert "nuova fondazione della matematica: prima comunicazione"
  201. Hintikka J. "semantics for porpositional attitudes"
  202. Hintikka J. "the semantics of modal notions and the indeterminacy of ontology"
  203. Hinzen W. "the unity of thought and information-representing attitudinal structure in dynamic semantics"
  204. Hodes, H. "the composition of fregean thoughts"
  205. Hookway C. "questions of context"
  206. Hornsby J. "free speech and hate speech: language and rights"
  207. Horowitz T. "newcomb’s problem as a thought experiment"
  208. Hugly P. & Sayward C. "indenumerability and Substitutional quantification"
  209. Ishiguro H. "Wittgentein and the theory of types"
  210. Israel D. "the role of logic in knowledge representation"
  211. Jackendoff R. "modal structure in semantics representation"
  212. Johnson-Laord P.N. "cognition computers and mental models"
  213. Kaplan D. "Afterthougths"
  214. Kaplan D. "D-quello"
  215. Karlsson M. "defeating the inference from general to particular norms"
  216. Karttunen L. "possible and must"
  217. Karttunen L. "presuppositions of compound sentences"
  218. Katz J. "analyticity necessity and the epistemology of semantics"
  219. Kelly K. "reliable belief revision"
  220. Kemp G. "Frege’s sharpness requirement"
  221. Kenny A. "Wttgenstein’s Early philosophy of mind"
  222. Kielkoff C. "Wittgenstein aposteriori necessity and logic for entailment"
  223. Kim J. "Structured propositions and complex predicates"
  224. Kim J. "structured propositions and sentence structure"
  225. Kirk L."singular thought and the cartesian theory of mind"
  226. Kitcher P. "Frege’s epistemology"
  227. Kitcher P. "the naturalists return"
  228. Kreisel G. "Wittgenstein’s remars on the foundations of mathematics"
  229. Kripke S. "un rompicapo sulla credenza"
  230. Landman F. "the realist theory of meaning"
  231. Legrenzi P. "la rappresentazione formale della fisica ingenua"
  232. Lehnert W. "BORIS- an experiment in-depth understanding of narratives"
  233. Lenzen W. "Alcuni aspetti del rapporto tra logica e teoria della conoscenza"
  234. Leonardi P. "pragmatics, language games, questions and answers"
  235. Lepore E. "Quine analyticity and trascendence"
  236. Lepore E. "riflesioni sull’olismo"
  237. Lepore, "intervista con Davidson"
  238. Levesque H. "making believers out of computers"
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  246. Mariani M. "determinismo e verità"
  247. Mariani M. "il principio di pienezza il Met…e De Coelo …"
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  252. Martin D. "externalism and experience"
  253. McCarthy J. "programs with common sense"
  254. McDermott D. "a critique of pure reason"
  255. McDermott D. "tarskian semantics or no notation without denotation!"
  256. McDowell J. "de re senses"
  257. McDowell, J. "on sense and reference of a proper name"
  258. McGuinness B. "the so called realism of Wittgenstein’s Tarctatus"
  259. Meo O. "scampoli di filosofia della moda"
  260. Meyers R. "knowledge without paradox"
  261. Meyers R. "Peirce’s new way of signs"
  262. Milkman, R. "perceptual content and fregean myth"
  263. Minsky M. "a framework for representing knowledge"
  264. Montague R. "pragmatics and intensional logic"
  265. Montague R. "the proper treatment of quantifiction in ordinary english"
  266. Montague R. "universal grammar"
  267. Moore G. H. "the emergence of first-order logic"
  268. Moore J- "problems in logical form"
  269. Moore J. "the role of logic in knowledge representation and commonsense reasoning"
  270. Moore J. "understanding natural language"
  271. Moravcsik J.M.E. "competence creativity and innateness"
  272. Morishima Y. "effects of discourse context on inference computation during comprehension"
  273. Morris M. "why there are no mental representations"
  274. Motterlini M. "la logica della scoperta matematica"
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  284. Parrini P. "on Kant’s theory of Knowledge: truht form matter"
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  289. Partee B. "Situations worlds and contexts"
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  292. Penco C. "a proposito di un recente lavoro di Gilson"
  293. Penco C. "contesti e ragionamento: da Frege all’interùlligenza artificiale"
  294. Penco C. "dai micromondi ai contesti"
  295. Penco C. "Dispense 2000"
  296. Penco C. "eredi del terzo regno"
  297. Penco C. "frames and logic in knowledge representation"
  298. Penco C. "Frege e Carnap: verso una teoria integrata del senso"
  299. Penco C. "Frege, sense and limited knowledge"
  300. Penco C. "induzione matematica e convenzione: Wittgenstein tra Russell e poicaré"
  301. Penco C. "La verità nella filosofia analitica"
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  306. Penco C. "three alternatives on contexts"
  307. Penco C. "Wittgenstein in relation tp our times"
  308. Perry J. "indexicals and demonstratives"
  309. Perry J. "indexicals, contexts and unarticulated constituents"
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