Workshop on Bob Brandom's recent Philosophy of Language   

Genoa April 19-23  2009


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University of Genoa
Doctoral School in Human Sciences

Passeggiata Fabrizio de Andre', Old Port


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Motivations of the workshop
After the workshop in Prague, where Brandom has discussed his recent John Locke Lectures, a group of italian philosophers  attending the workshop suggested to make a second run in Italy, to work deeper on the theme of Analytic Pragmatism, and its links with inferentialism and other topics. The workshop is open to people interested in the program, and it will be preceded by one-day presentation of the main lines of Brandom's work. For PhD students wanting to participate without presenting a paper:  you should send a request with your curriculum to Cristina Amoretti ( There will be free accomodation to people selected for a contributed paper (20 minutes presentation, with 20 minutes discussion). See call for papers.

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Giorgio Bertolotti (Università di Milano-Bicocca)
Raffaela Giovagnoli (Univ.California,Berkelkey;Roma,Tor Vergata)
Carlo Penco (Università di Genova)

Daniele Santoro (Università Luiss, Roma)
Italo Testa (Università di Parma)

Local  Committee

Cristina Amoretti

Matteo Casu
Carlo Penco
Federico Pitto
Massimiliano Vignolo

Schedule (see program for details)
April 19-20 (Sunday-Monday):
presentation of some of the main points of Brandom's
program  (x PhD & graduate students)

Aprile 21 (Tuesday):
Brandom's lecture ** Contributed papers
Aprile 22 (Wednesday):
Brandom's lectures ** Contributed papers
April 23 (Thursday)
Brandom's lecture ** Contributed papers

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