University of Genoa 
Department of Philosophy

Workshop on Bob Brandom's recent Philosophy of Language   

Genoa April 20-23  2009

                        call for papers: .doc   &  .pdf

A Workshop on Brandom's Analytic Pragmatism, and its links to inferentialism.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh)

In his 2006 John Locke Lectures, Robert Brandom sets the basis for a view of language whose aim is to reconcile  classical pragmatism with the semantic tradition of analytic philosophy. The fundamental idea of Analytic Pragmatism is to investigate the relations between meaning and use in terms of two distinctive pragmatic features: what sorts of practices and abilities one has to possess in order to count as saying something meaningful; and what one needs to say in order to specify those very practices and abilities.
       Analytic pragmatism shares with inferentialism the idea that logical, modal, normative, and intentional vocabularies express a meaning, which is already implicit in material, rather than formal inferences; but, it also provides new insights about empiricism, naturalism, and functionalism in epistemology and their conceptual backgrounds.
      The workshop will focus on the core aspects of Brandom’s latest work,  and more generally on  topics related to inferentialism, pragmatism, philosophy of language and logic.
    Main reference: R. Brandom,  Between saying and doing. Towards an Analytic Pragmatism Oxford University Press, 2008

The workshop will be  preceded by a one-day tutorial focusing on  the main lines of Brandom's work.  The following days will be dedicated to the contributed papers and lectures by Bob Brandom, who will attend the workshop,  discuss the papers, and present three talks.

Those who wish to present a paper, must send an abstract to <> by December 31st,  2008.
Abstract must be between 5000 and 7000 characters long and anonymous for a blind review. Identifying information, including the author's name, title of the presentation, home institution and e-mail address must be in the accompanying letter. Abstracts should  state the thesis and present the outline of the argument, along with a short bibliography.
    A notice of acceptance will be sent by February 28th,  2009.
    The final version of the papers should be ready by the end of March 2009.
    Each speaker will have 25 minutes for the presentation, and 15 minutes for discussion.

Free Accommodation will be granted to contributors (and possibly to some PhD students who wish to participate without presenting a paper).
    There is no registration fee for those interested in attending the workshop.
Please, send a request along with a curriculum to Cristina Amoretti (

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Organization Committee

Giorgio Bertolotti (Milano-Bicocca)
Daniele Santoro (Roma-Luiss)
Italo Testa (Università di Parma)
Raffaela Giovagnoli (Roma, Tor Vergata)
Carlo Penco (Università di Genova)

Local  Committee

Cristina Amoretti
Carlo Penco
Federico Pitto
Massimiliano Vignolo

Provisional Schedule (see details later)
April 20 (Monday):
presentation of some of the main points of Brandom's program
(for Phd and graduate students)
Aprile 21 (Tuesday):
Brandom's lecture ** Contributed papers
Aprile 22 (Wednesday):
Brandom's lectures ** Contributed papers
April 23 (Thursday)
Brandom's lecture ** Contributed papers

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