University of Genoa

Department of Philosophy - Epistemology Section

Michele Marsonet

Chairman of the Department of Philosophy

Full Professor of Philosophy of Science

Department of Philosophy, University of Genova, Italy

  • address: Dipartimento di Filosofia, via Balbi 4, 16126 Genova (Italy)
  • telephone:  0039-209-9772 (Direction) // 209-9713 (Secretary
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Short CV : : I graduated at the Universities of Genoa (1973) and Pittsburgh (1979). Subsequently I studied in Oxford with Jonathan Cohen, Manchester with Czeslaw Lejewski, and New York(Cuny) with Alex Orenstein. I worked as Associate Professor, first of Logic and then of Philosophy of Science, at the University of Genoa from 1992 to 1999, when I was appointed Full Professor of Theoretical Philosophy and Institutions of Philosophy. Actually I am Full Professor of Philosophy of Science and Methodology of the Human Sciences. I was Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Genoa in the period 2002-2008. Now I am Chairman of the Philosophy Department and Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Genoa.
I was a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Seville (Spain, Department of Philosophy), Malaga (Spain, Department of Philosophy), Iceland (Reykjavik, Department of Philosophy), Cork (Irish National University Department of Philosophy), Malta (Faculty of Humanities), Beirut (Université Libanaise, Faculty of Social Sciences), London (King's College), Hertfordshire (Department of Philosophy), Stirling (UK, Department of Philosophy), Bergen (Norway,Institute of Philosophy), Pittsburgh (U.S.A.,Department of Philosophy). In 1999 I was Visiting Scholar in the HPS Department of the University of Melbourne, Australia. In 1993 and 1995 I was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science of the University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. In 2009 I was appinted Honorary Professor of the University Ricardo Palma (Lima), and I received the "Laurea Honoris Causa" from the Universidad Continental of Lima (Perù).

My main areas of study are in Pragmatism, Philosophy of Science Metaphysics, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Political Philosophy and Philosophical Logic. Recent publications include books on scientific realism (1995), pragmatism (1996), pragmatism and the philosophy of science (1997), the relations between utopia and praxis (1998), the limits of realism (2000), the problem of realism (2001), idealism an praxis (2008). I am on the editorial boards of Epistemologia, Sensus Communis, Cultura & Libri, Anthropology and Philosophy.

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