University of Genoa

Department of Philosophy - Epistemology Section

Dario Palladino

Associate Professor of Logic
Department of Philosophy, University of Genova, Italy .

Short CV : I graduated in Mathematics at the University of Genoa (1968) and I have written my dissertation in set theory under the direction of the prof. Evandro Agazzi. I worked as Professor of Institutions of Mathematics at the University of Genoa from 1971 to 1983, and then, since 1983 I have become Professor of Mathematical Logic at the same University.

My main research areas are in History, Philosophy, Didactics of Logic and Mathematics. Recent publications include a book on Algebra (1995), a second one on Fondations and Philosophy of Mathematics in the twentieth century (1997, together with Marco Borga), another one on Non-Euclidean Geometries (1998, together with Evandro Agazzi), two manuals on Logic (2002, 2004) and a book on the Theory of Computation (2004, with Marcelo Frixione). I am on the editorial board of Epistemologia, an Italian Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

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