University of Genoa

Department of Philosophy - Epistemology Section

Carlo Penco

Full Professor:  Philosophy of Language
Department of Philosophy, University of Genova, Italy .

  Carlo between  Diego  (dx) and Michele  (sx)
  SIFA Milano 2006  [foto David Chalmers]

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Short CV: After my dissertation in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Genoa (with Evandro Agazzi) I have studied at Cambridge with Timoty J. Smiley and at Oxford with Michael Dummett, of whom I have edited, and translated into italian, his book on Frege's philosophy of language. I have been teaching Philosophy of Science at the University of Lecce (Italy)  and  I am now teaching Philosophy of Language and Ontology at the University of Genoa, where I am the Director  of the Master in Philosophy (Laurea Magistrale)  and of the Doctorate School in Human Sciences. I have been Visiting at the University of Iceland at Reykjavik , at the University of Barcelona, at King's College (London), at the University of Pittsburgh, and at the Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science
My main research areas are in Philosophy of Language, Foundations of Cognitive Science and Theory of Communication. I am working now on topics in pragmatics and contextualism (definite descriptions, indexicals). Recent publications include papers on Lecture Notes in AI, History and Philosophy of Logic, History of modern Logic, Philosophical Investigations, Pragmatics and Cognition, Theoria, a contribution to the volume on Dummett on the  Library of Living Philosophers, and a new italian  edition of Frege's Logical Writings.  I am on the editorial board of Epistemologia and of the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, and have been in the Steering Commettee of SIFA (Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy, of which I have been President in 2002-2004), of ESAP (European Society for Analytic Philosophy) and of SILF (Italian Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science).

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