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N.B. Most of the papers to dowload or brouwse are versions of papers which have been submitted or published in books and journals. They retain their copyright, and you may dowload them just for research purpose and not for quoting or reproduction.
Details on publications are on the page listpub.htm.  After 2010 papers are linked at that page. 

Philosophy of language:

'10 The influence of Einstein on Wittgenstein's Philosophy [.pdf]
'10 Essentially incomplete descriptions [.pdf]
'08 Truth, Charity and Assertion [.pdf]
'07 (on Dummett) Idiolect and Context [.pdf]
'05 (on Brandom) Keeping track of individuals (proofs) [.pdf]
'04 Wittgenstein, Locality and rules [.pdf]
'03 Frege and limited rationality [pdf]
'03 Two thesis, two senses [.pdf]
'02 Context and Contract [.pdf]
'01 "Holism, Strawberries and Hayrdryers" [pdf]
'99 "interview with Bob Brandom" [pdf]
'98 "Ragione e pratica sociale (review of Brandom)" [HTM] - ; last version [.pdf]
'98 "Competenza e competenze" [HTM]
'97 "Olismo e molecolarismo" [HTM]
'96 "Frege e Carnap: verso una teoria integrata del senso" [HTM]

Cognitive Sciences (Philosophy of logic and artificial intelligence):

'09 Rational Procedures [.pdf]
'08 "Sense as Proof" (with Daniele Porello)  [.pdf]
'07 Explaining the Mental (introduction of the anthology at Cambridge Scholar Publishing) [.pdf]
'07 "Competenza pragmatica come filtro" [pdf]
'05 "Converging towards what? Pragmatic and semantic competence [.pdf] see also
'03 " Frege, sense and limited rationality " [.pdf] (just for the conclusion)
'01" Local Holism" [RTF] - [.pdf]
'99 " Three alternatives on context" [HTM] last version: [.pdf]
'99 " Objective and Cognitive context." [HTM] last version: [.PS]
'97 "Contesti e ragionamento: da Frege all'I.A." [HTM]
'97 "Holism in Artificial Intelligence?" [HTM]
'94 "Dai micromondi ai contesti "[HTM]
'94 (with M. Frixione) " Semantiche procedurali e analisi concettuale" [RTF]
'92 "Significato, uso e procedure "[HTM]

Other topics, talks & teaching material (TM)

'11 Frege, poesia e inferenze [.pdf]
'11 I tarocchi di Dummett [.pdf]
'09 Einstein e Wittgenstein su olismo e esperimenti mentali [.pdf]
'06 Etica e giustificazione: influenza di Moore su Wittgenstein   [.pdf]
'05 Anatra all'arancia (introduzione al tema del contesto) [pdf]
'04 Frege - voce dell'enciclopedia Gallarate [pdf]
'04 Uomini, topi e formiche: introd. alla scienza cognitiva [pdf]
'03 Filosofia del linguaggio-linee di ricerca SWIF file .pdf
'02 Filosofia del linguaggio [pdf] bozza capitolo D'Agostini-Vassallo Storia Fil. An., Einaudi
'03 Introduzione a "Über Sinn un Bedeutung" di Frege [html]
'01 "Filosofia analitica" [pdf] (bozza introd. al "Filosofia Analitica" Rcs Scuola,Milano 2001)
'01 "Origini del paradigma classico in logica" [RTF] [pdf]
'00 "Dispense di filosofia del linguaggio " [pdf]
'98 "Brandom's basic ideas and Kripke's Puzzle " [HTM]
'98 "Kripke's Puzzle" (TM) [HTM]
'97 "Expressing the Background" [HTM]
'96 "Wittgenstein and our Times" [HTM]
'94 "Le origini della logica matematica: Boole e Frege " (TM) [HTM]
'79 "Intuition in Mathematics? Wittgenstein's Remarks" (PDF500MB)

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