The epistemological library is a small collection – around 4.000 books – divided in the following sections:

  • Epistemology and Philosophy of Science,
  • History of Science,
  • Logic and Philosophical Logic,
  • History of Logic,
  • Philosophy of Mathematics,
  • Philosophy of Language,
  • Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Sciences.

The library is a section of the main library of the Department of Philosophy. The books are in the catalog of the University, under the code "Let3" ( Library of Philosophy) followed by "14 A-G" (Epistemology Section).
We have also a small list of old papers (photocopies) you may consult.

P.S. 2015 - A list of photocopies may sounds funny. Now almost everybody reads on his or her Ipad papers in .pdf.
But... in the 90s photocopies were important and the move was an attempt to defend forests:)

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