this journal ceased to exist in 2017
here you may find some reference to old issues


Epistemologia is a journal founded by Evandro Agazzi in 1978 as the first italian journal for the philosophy of science in its broader sense; not only does it pay attention to analytic research on special topics concerning the methods and contents of the sciences, but it also affords a forum in which science itself can be seen against the backdrop of other human endeavours. While this journal is in part aimed at affording the opportunity of expression to the different voices of today's philosophy of science in Italy, it is at the same time open to contributions and addressed to the interests of all scholars in the field. Monographic issues of the journal will appear occasionally, containing the proceedings of significant conferences.


Evandro Agazzi

Editorial Board:

Alberto Pasquinelli (Bologna); Vittorio Somenzi (Roma)

Board of Consulting Editors

Mario Bunge (Montreal), Ettore Casari (Firenze), L.Jonathan Cohen (Oxford) Robert S. Cohen (Boston): Dagfin Follesdal (Oslo); Gaston G. Granger (Aix en Provence);Adolf Gr¸ndbaum (Pittsburgh); Jaakko Hintikka (Boston); Kurt H¸bner (Kiel);Jean LadriËre (Louvain); Carlo Felice Manara (Milano); Henry Margenau (Yale); AndrÈ Mercier (Bern); Leszek Nowak (Poznan); Massimo Pauri (Parma); Marcello Pera (Pisa);Azarya Polikanov (Sofia); Marian Przelecki (Warszawa); Vadim Sadovski (Moskva); Italo Scardovi (Bologna); Joseph D. Sneed (New York); Patrick Suppes (Stanford); Giuliano Toraldo di Francia (Firenze); Bas van Fraassen (Princeton); Georg Henrik von Wright (Helsinski); Jules Vuillemin (Paris); Paul Weingartner (Salzburg).

Editorial Staff

Chief of the Staff Marco Borga
Review Editor: N. Vassallo.
Claudia Bianchi, Marco Buzzoni, C. Dilworth, M. Marsonet, F. Minazzi, M.L. Montecucco, D. Palladino, C. Penco, P.A. Rossi,

Publishing Company
Epistemologia was published by Tilgher (Genoa) and later by Angeli (Milano) 
then was "closed" as not answering the requirements of ANVUR [note 2017]

Here you may find the list of all the papers published since 1978

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